UFO Models

Discover all the tools provided and the customizations that only UFO can offer.

Each UFO model is totally Plug & Play.

It will be possible to independently manage one’s own security, without necessarily having to resort to the intervention of strangers. UFO is an innovative and easy to use product that, once powered, is able to protect the environment in which it is located, in fact it can easily be moved at any time, simply by unplugging it.

Business Line

Your guardian against theft.

Family Line

Take your protection home.

Do you have a small or medium-sized company or store?
The UFO Premium and UFO Gold models of the Business Line are for you!
Fully Plug & Play fog sicurity system that eliminate the need to resort to outsiders and invaded interventions. Controlled remotely from our headquarters to ensure correct operation in every occasion. They have a continuous and automatic self-diagnosis and thanks to their modern design with clean shapes they adapt to every type of architecture.
For companies with large spaces to protect as dealerships or department stores, UFO Extreme is your solution.
A totally plug & play safety device, remotely controlled, with a continuous and automatic self-diagnosis, with a modern design that covers environments up to 1000 square meters.
If you want to protect your home or your family, the UFO Family Line is what you are looking for.
We provide a new line of fog machines aimed at protecting homes from theft and robbery.
UFO Family has a double use:
ANTI-THEFT for a total defense of UFO while you are away from home.
ANTI-ROBBERY to guarantee safety when you are at home.

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    • ZERO installation and maintenance costs,
    • ZERO false alarms due to the classic system,
    • ZERO invasive interventions inside your room,
    Simply plug in and UFO is ready to defend yourself.
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