UFO – How it works

UFO is your personal guardian, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.
Unlike the classic alarm systems, UFO is not only alarmed through the siren and the telephone dialer, but is able to act by stopping the theft physically.
UFO automatically detects the break-in thanks to the sensor mounted on board and is able to instantly deliver a thick fog that prevents the thief to see and act. The only thing you need to do is arm UFO (via remote control or smartphone app) and you can feel comfortable. Should there be an attempted theft, UFO will detect it with its sensor and deliver a dense fog that will prevent the attacker to see and steal accordingly.
The remote control is bidirectional for total control. When you leave the room defended by UFO you will have nothing left to do but press the button on the remote control and the UFO is activated. To deactivate it, simply press the other button on the remote control and the UFO disarms.
The confirmation of activation and deactivation is given by an LED on the remote control combined with a vibration of the same.


The sensor fitted as standard is a dual technology volumetric that guarantees the absence of interference, malfunctions and false alarms. Once the UFO is activated, if the sensor detects a movement it immediately goes into alarm and delivers the dense fog.


The fog supplied by UFO is composed of alcohol and food glycol, certified and non-toxic for people and animals. Once the fog has been released, it is sufficient to ventilate the room and it will dissolve in about half an hour without leaving a trace. The fog is not damp, leaves no residue and does not damage furniture, electrical or electronic equipment.


The buffer battery ensures the operation of UFOs even in the event of an interruption of electricity.


The 110db siren that shoots along with the fog for an even more impenetrable effect.


The telephone dialer that warns you in case of break-in.


UFO is the only auto-installing fog security sysetm device, which means that you can install UFO in total autonomy without the intervention of a technician.
Let’s find out immediately what’s inside the box.
1. choose the position
It orients UFO towards the inside of the room and not towards the door.
The sensor detects 90 ° in front of it.
Recommended height of 1.80 m from the ground.
2. Attach the plug
Connect the UFO to an electrical outlet.
3. Activate UFO
Activate and deactivate with the remote control or smartphone app.

Complete equipment for every need!


Dual technology volumetric sensor

 Remote control

Telephone dialer

Battery backup 7 hours of battery life

110 DB siren

Remote Support

Control with smartphone app



Your UFO app can be downloaded on all smartphones and allows remote control


Anti-Robber Kit

UFO Mini

It consists of an additional remote control that allows you to operate the fog supply on command in case of need. It can be placed anywhere inside the room and used at any time, whatever the UFO status.
It can be connected to any UFO, it is a real UFO, but controlled together with the main one. UFO mini is able to cover rooms up to 40sqm, it still has on board its sensor and a buffer battery that allows it to work even in the absence of power.

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    • ZERO installation and maintenance costs,
    • ZERO false alarms due to the classic system,
    • ZERO invasive interventions inside your room,
    Simply plug in and UFO is ready to defend yourself.
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