Your family is 100% safe.

UFO Family, your best ally against theft.

The new line of self-installing anti-theft foggers designed to protect families from intrusion and theft.

In Italy, every 2 minutes a robbery occurs, the classic alarm is not able to physically stop thieves. In a minute, the average time of a theft, anyone who is alerted by the alarm system has no time to intervene. UFO Family is your solution.

A double use, for a double security!




Protect your home when you leave, if thieves try to enter, they will be blocked by UFOs without being able to steal your assets.
With the left button of the remote control active UFO, from that moment if someone enters your home, it is detected by the sensors and UFO will generate the instantaneously thick fog.


If you are at home, when thieves try to break in, the volumetric sensors will activate the siren, warning you so as to activate the shot of fog from the remote control, blocking the bad guys.
The solution against home robberies.

 Discover the complete equipment for your every need

UFO Family includes 3 models that differ from each other based on their coverage and the number of cylinders they have.


UFO Family includes:

  • Dual technology volumetric sensor that guarantees the absence of interference, malfunctions and false alarms.
  • Bidirectional remote control for total control.
  • Phone dialer to enter a telephone sim and receive news about possible UFO activations on your smartphone.
  • Backup battery with 7 hours of battery life for maximum safety, even in the absence of electricity.
  • 110 db siren
  • Remote assistance allows the company to monitor the UFO functionality at any time. If a problem is found on the UFO device that requires a site intervention, a replacement device will be promptly sent in order to guarantee the protection of the premises.
  • Control with smartphone app to connect your smartphone to UFO and control it remotely.
  • Cameras integrated to the device for even more control.
  • Timer to program arming and disarming.

Additional optional

Customize your security with:

  • Anti-robbery kit. It consists of an additional remote control that allows you to operate the fog supply on command in case of need. It can be placed anywhere inside the room and used at any time, whatever the UFO status.
  • Additional bidirectional remote controls.
  • UFO Mini. A second UFO that is connected and controlled by any UFO Family. UFO Mini is able to cover environments up to 40 square meters, has a buffer battery that allows it to function properly even in the absence of electricity and its dual-technology volumetric sensor. This option is suitable for premises consisting of several rooms or vulnerable small stores.
  • Additional additional sensors.
  • Cameras in wifi to have more views of your home and control what happens in all environments, even when you’re out.
  • Possibility to install an external siren on the external perimeter of the house as a deterrent.

Available colours




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    • ZERO installation and maintenance costs,
    • ZERO false alarms due to the classic system,
    • ZERO invasive interventions inside your room,
    Simply plug in and UFO is ready to defend yourself.
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