Why choose UFO?

What does self-installing mean?

It will be possible to independently manage one’s own security, without necessarily having to resort to the intervention of strangers.

UFO is an innovative and easy to use product that, once powered, is able to protect the environment in which it is located, in fact it can easily be moved at any time, simply by unplugging it.
Totally independent from all traditional systems, thus avoiding installation and maintenance costs, invasive interventions and false alarms due to incorrect connections. Thanks to UFO, you will be able to control your safety!

How do you activate?

UFO can be armed and disarmed via the standard remote control or through the UFO app downloadable for IOS and Android.

How does the theft detect?

UFO has a dual technology volumetric sensor on board. When the UFO is armed, the sensor goes into operation and if it detects the presence of a person inside the room it goes into alarm and causes the fog to be delivered.

If they turn off the power?

If the UFO current is missing, it is equipped with a back-up battery which allows it to defend itself even in the absence of power.

Is the fog toxic?

 The fog is not toxic to people or animals, it is based on food glycol.

Do I have to clean up after all?

No, the fog leaves no residue. Just aerate the environment and vanish.

How do I top up?

UFO works with cans capable of making up to 4 shots in model M, once it is exhausted it is sufficient to replace the can.

How does the assistance work?

 If UFO should have any kind of problem we can connect via internet for remote assistance, if we do not succeed in solving the problem the device will be replaced under warranty.

How can I be sure it works?

UFO makes a continuous self-diagnosis even when it is on stand-by, if it detects a problem it will signal it with an acoustic signal, an LED and a notification on the app.

For any questions concerning UFO, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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