About us

We are a young company made up of young people.
We believe in technology, innovation, useful ideas.
Our production facility is located on the outskirts of Treviso.
We design, test and manufacture all our products in Italy because we believe that Made in Italy is a real added value.
Our strengths?
Great reliability of the products, promptness of deliveries and an after-sales service that guarantees decisive interventions in a very short time.

What is UFO?

White srl is the company that patented the UFO anti-theft device, the only self-installing fog generator.
UFO is born from the in-depth study of the best technologies of the market, with the aim of creating a product that is the real ultimate solution against theft. An extremely innovative product that not only alarmed but acted to physically stop the thief.
The coolest thing?
It is surely that it can directly manage the end customer without having to depend on the installer.
After sales support.
All UFO devices are IP, so in continuous connection with our offices. In case of problems, our technicians are able to connect and perform a real remote assistance.
If a problem is detected on the UFO device requiring a seat intervention, you will not be left without protection! A new device will be sent quickly to ensure the protection of your premises and we will remove your damaged UFO for the necessary assistance, but your local will always be protected by it!

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    • ZERO installation and maintenance costs,
    • ZERO false alarms due to the classic system,
    • ZERO invasive interventions inside your room,
    Simply plug in and UFO is ready to defend yourself.
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